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Pellet Hormone Therapy

What is Pellet Therapy in Missouri City, TX?

Hormone imbalances can happen to both men and women at any point during their lifetime. Everything from illnesses to poor nutrition to stress can affect hormone levels. Depending on the cause and the symptoms you are experiencing, you may first receive a topical or oral hormone. Of course, our medical team understands that not everyone responds well to synthetic hormones. This is why we offer pellet therapy, which uses natural components that are biologically identical to natural hormones so they are less likely to cause unpleasant side effects.

Getting pellet therapy is actually rather simple. The hormones are placed in a pellet that is only a bit larger than a grain of rice. Once the pellet is inserted under the skin it will gradually release the proper amount of hormones to correct the imbalance over several months. Since pellets are inserted under the skin, we will first apply a local anesthesia to the area to numb the skin prior to making a small incision in either the hip or the butt. Once the incision has been made the pellet will be implanted and the incision will be closed up.

Everybody’s case is different, so how quickly you experience relief from your symptoms will really depend on certain factors. While it will take about 1 to 3 days after the pellet has been inserted to work its way into the system you will start to notice a relief from symptoms about three weeks after the pellet has been placed. Some people may notice optimal changes after only one or two weeks while it may take several months for others.

Of course, these pellets are not designed to last forever so they will need to be removed and replaced every few months. For women, pellets should be replaced every three to four months while men should get replacements every five to six months.

Pellet therapy can be a great option for those dealing with hormonal imbalances who are experiencing common symptoms such as decreased energy, poor concentration and memory, loss of bone density, anxiety and depression, migraines and headaches, vaginal dryness, loss of libido, hot flashes, and urinary urgency.

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